Television can change people's minds and their culture. Most people in the world have their own television since it is the easiest way to obtain information and provides entertainment for the whole family.

Dreamlight television is dedicated to producing high quality TV programs which are inspiring, entertaining, and educational for the whole family.
An average film entertains people, a good film touches people, but a great film changes people.

Dreamlight Pictures is strongly committed to produce high quality widescreen movies which are inspiring and encourage people to pursue a better life.
Music is a unique and universal language that all people in the world enjoy. A world without music is like world without colors. Music can change all situations.

Dreamlight Music is highly committed to producing unique songs which inspire people.
Animation is a form of media for all ages for it allows us to use our imaginations.

Dreamlight Animation is a modern animation studio which seeks to develop products which combine great stories with exceptional creativity.
Books provide a window to the world. We can learn new things and enrich our knowledge through books.

Dreamlight Publishing is dedicated to producing books and magazines which educate, inspire, and enrich the reader's mind.
Technology without people is junk!

The technological advances in media require well developed human resources.

Dreamlight Institute is a world class school. We are committed to being the best training center in Asia and will produce skillful, creative and dedicated individuals who will be ready to lead in the area of world media.
Our Products :
- TV Commercial Semarang Beauty of Asia 2006
- City Branding Semarang Pesona Asia 2007
- TVC Potensi Investasi Jawa Tengah 2007
- TVC One Stop Services BPM Jawa Tengah 2007
- Kids Drawing Contest 2007