ARUM is a college student, still in her third semester, who lives together with her parents and her younger brother. She also works for a newspaper as a reporter. One day, ARUMís dad was sick and was diagnosed to have stroke. Since then, ARUM and the rest of the family had to work as hard as they could to live. Her mother was only a herbal drink seller who sold those drinks door-to-door. ARUMís mate, RANI, on the other hand, is a girl who likes to have fun. However, RANIís parents, who come from a very respected group of people, always tried to hold RANI in their hands as tight as they can. This situation lead RANI to take advantage of ARUM. How would ARUM fight her life to be able make a living for her family? How would she deal with RANI, a pal that sometimes bothered her too much?

Through this FTV program, the viewers are brought to see the strong characterization of modern Kartini through the picture of ARUM.